Forecast Solutions, the way to link processes, people and new technology and enable companies to achieve their best results through Integrated Business Planning: Demand, Inventory and Suppy Planning



¿What do customers say?

  • "DIP contributed significantly to improving our supply chain management. It has a sophisticated user interface and offers a speedy response. The implantation process is also very simple, making it an unrivalled product. Even during the trial period, Konica Minolta achieved a drastic reduction in backorder incidences. I recommend DIP to all supply chain professionals for successful supply chain management.
    YusakuSugita General Manager SCM Konica Minolta, Alemania
  • "We are very happy with the tool; it’s allowed us to automate several internal processes and integrate information from different sources, significantly improving our capacity for analysing information".
    Silvia CullereVilalta General Manager, Jarfels, SA
  • 'When we implemented DIP, we reduced our inventory by 25%, automated processes and cut out the manual work. This is an extremely useful application and Forecast offers a very good service.''
    Antonio Moreno General Manager, Salton Spain
  • "DIP has allowed significant improvement in our collaborative forecasting, facilitated the implementation of S&OP, improved our visibility and gave us greater control.'' 
    Rafael Roman General Manager Polti Spain
  • "ForecastSolution's tool DIP facilitates the work of the demand planners because it provides structured and easily accessible information for predictive analytics. It combines statistical sales forecasts with the market input, i.g. sales promotions and offers, which facilitates the consensus planning. Moreover DIP helps managment control at strategic level because it integrates also budgets and sales persons targets"
    Paula Fernández DemandPlanner, Delonghi Spain.
  • "By DIP implementation, we managed to automate the demand and replenishment process and achieve better and more sophisticated supply chain management: creating the sales forecasts based on more advanced statistics, defining the right safety stock levels and generating daily the purchasing needs of our 4 logistics platforms. Now we have much more information and easily accessible, we can analyze data faster and better, which allows us being more proactive"
    Pedro González Supply Chain Manager, Serhs Distribución. Food Industry.
  • "With D&IP deployment we managed to improve our sales forecasting and demand planning process. An essential thing for the whole company was to start using the same set of numbers (from factory to suppliers). In addition all sales input from customers (promotions, special actions, etc.) as well as estimated volumes for new products are introduced into D&IP who manages all data and send it to our ERP. Without a tool like D&IP companies suffer from high inefficiency, which hinder them from harmonious growth"
    Valentín Moraga Supply Chain Director, Biogran. Customer Products Industry.